In the early days of the Organized Church Men were Inspired to collect the Letters and other Communications (Epistles etc.,) from the Living Leaders of the Churches in Asia to bound together the Book we have Today known as the New Testament of JESUS CHRIST.

The Men were referred to as the “Church Fathers”. They were the first Priests, Officers, Ministers and Bishops of the Early or Primitive Church. The Titles such as “Cardinals” and “Pope” were created at a later time. These and other related Topics will be discussed in “the Spiritual Church Blog” – the  >> Temple of Prayers. << It will cover the Developmental Stages of the Church’s History from its Inception to the Current Time (at this writing).

This Blog will discuss the Canon of the New Testament, the Creed of the Apostles and how they were developed.

The Church organized Councils to decide which Books, Epistles, Letters, etc., would be bound together and known as the “New Testament” – and together with the Old Testament, it was consolidated as The Holy Bible. The Old Testament, the New Testament and other Books of the Bible will be found in other Blogs. Additional information about the entire Bible and its History, Components and Facets will be discussed in their own Applicable Blog such as:

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